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There is an open security issue: Biblio Security Vulnerabilities

a.k.a. Drupal Scholar
This module allows users manage and display lists of scholarly publications.

Features include...

  • Import formats: PubMed, BibTex, RIS, MARC, EndNote tagged and XML.
  • Export formats: BibTex, EndNote tagged and XML.
  • Output styles: AMA, APA, Chicago, CSE, IEEE, MLA, Vancouver.
    • CiteProc enabled versions (6.x-2.x & 7.x) have an almost limitless selection of output styles.
    • Learn more about the CSL/CiteProc technology at
  • In-line citing of references.
  • Taxonomy integration.
  • Translations supplied: French, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Portuguese

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See for a live example (and yes, I eat my own dog food. is running the latest 7.x release).

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3.x version

3.x is a complete rewrite of the Biblio module. The current development is done on Github, where issues and pull requests are welcome.

See the Installation and Upgrade notes (developers are encouraged to test it and provide feedback)

This version is developed by Gizra and sponsored by Harvard OpenScholar

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