Autocompletion of biblio title field from ZooBank and IPNI

This module provides functionality for auto-completion of fields in the Biblio node type using both previously entered values and third party services (currently two external plugin modules are included: IPNI and ZooBank).

The module is designed to enable multiple plugins to contribute to the autocomplete selection list (e.g. results can be simultaneously retrieved from both IPNI and ZooBank). An API is provided for developers to write additional plugins.

The following plugins are included as part of this package (you will need to enable at least one plugin module to use this module):

Biblio Self Autocomplete
Allows you to autocomplete on fields using values that you have previously entered in other Biblio nodes.

International Plant Names Index (IPNI)
Using this plugin it is possibly to autocomplete any title field (e.g. node title, alternate title, ..) using an autocomplete based on the IPNI webservice.

This plugin allows you to autocomplete fields from ZooBank - intended to be the official registry of animal names.

This work was done as part of eMonocot as a contribution to the Scratchpads project.

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