This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Effortless content creation by retrieving attribute values from the Web to (pre-)fill your node type (cck) fields.

Available services include:

  • Wikipedia, ISBNdb
  • BibTex, attribute: value lists
  • Google Scholar, Amazon, imdb -- to be updated

How does it work?

New nodes are created as follows:

  1. choose a service from the list
  2. enter some query keywords (or text to transform/map)
  3. in case of multiple results: inspect result list and click 'create' on intended item
  4. preview the new node with retrieved data pre-filled
  5. submit node as usual

With the Wikipedia service you can prefill any kind of content types. Querying for a movie e.g. it extracts directors, actors, language, imdb id, and such!

Simple to add a web service of your choice

For new services you have to supply a .inc file that returns an associative array. The keys of this array map to the cck fields of your node type. You can specify also mappings in the settings.

Historical note: Module was initially written for Drupal 4.7 and flexinode. Since Drupal 5 for CCK instead of flexinode. CCK multiple value fields get pre-filled in Drupal 6 version. Currently neglecting Drupal 5 version.

Looking for developers porting this to Drupal 7, incorporating standard modules, eg 'token'.

See exemplary use in #387570: How it work?

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