Safe Draft Module

Save Draft adds a 'Save as Draft' Button to the node_form for content types, allowing the user to click the 'Save as Draft' button to save the node as a draft.

Drupal 8 has this UX feature in the core!!

This helps improve usability, as the content creator no longer has to search for the published checkbox to publish or unpublish a node, as they can just click the 'Save as Draft' Button.

If you require more than just a simple way to publish and unpublish node then you may want to check this module out

To install:
1. Download, unpack and place in sites/all/modules/
2. For Drupal 6: Enable the module using Administer -> Site building -> Modules (/admin/build/modules) and for Drupal 7, go to admin/modules
3. Now when you create a new node, a 'Save as Draft' button will be added to the form.

Note: Once the module is enabled, all the content types have "save draft" button enabled and the published checkbox in the node create form will be hidden.

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