This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The goal of this project is to produce a module that will sync selected data from the Salsa database of supporters to local Drupal user objects so that they may be manipulated, displayed or used in conditional logic by Drupal modules. This will allow user synchronization between Drupal and DemocracyInAction or Wired for Change databases.

Currently, this module imports all Salsa supporter fields (both the default fields and any custom fields) and produces a profile page much like profile.module. It allows users to edit these fields directly within Drupal, either on the registration page or on an edit screen. Integration with Views is also provided. Per-field user permissions are available to refine which roles can access which fields. (Some permissions are also available to users based on Organic Groups membership, but the integration does not currently go any farther than that.)

Note that for security reasons, this module will only sync Drupal accounts that are created after this module is installed. Because of this, it is best to install this module before a site has developed a userbase. (Preferably, before a site launches at all.)

This module is in development and should be used with caution in production environments.

This module is not compatible with profile.module.

This module requires:

Other recommended modules include:

See also the Salsa API discussion on

Sponsored by 4Site Interactive Studios.

An experimental Drupal 7 port is available as a sandbox project, but for a better D7 solution, see the Salsa Entity module.

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