This module confirms that a newly entered email can be received by the user. Currently if a user updates their email address there is no confirmation step to ensure that the new email address belongs to the user and is able to receive email.

In researching this issue I came across a patch to Drupal core to address this issue: #85494: Use email verification when changing user email addresses. The patch is still pending however so I wrote this module borrowing from the code submitted as patches in this issue.

This module has been tested with Email Registration. However, this module has not been tested and may not work well with other modules that affect how Drupal core handles emails (e.g. LoginToboggan, Multiple Email, etc.). It also may not work well with modules that set email outside of Drupal like LDAP or Janrain Engage.

Other similar modules

If you are trying to confirm that an email address entered into an email field is valid, there is the Email Field Confirm module.


This module was originally developed in part for the Beijinger website.

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Ongoing maintenance of the 7.x branch

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