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The Rotor Banner module allows you to create blocks with 'rotating' content. This can be very useful for advertising or highlighting information.

  • Multiple rotor blocks (version 6.2)
  • Per rotor block configuration (version 6.2)
  • Ability to rotate through any content, not just Rotor Items
  • Dedicated 'Rotor Item' content type for easy setup
  • Clickable Rotor tabs
  • Configurable tab position (version 6.x)
  • 25 transition effects (fade, shuffle, zoom, scroll etc.)
  • Pause on hover
  • Random node selection
  • imagecache support
  • nodequeue support


Drupal 5: jquery_update, jquery_plugin
You must also manually add the jquery.cycle.min.js file to your jquery_plugin module directory because of #328641: The file jquery.cycle.min.js is missing from the project. (you can find the jquery.cycle.min.js file in the Drupal 6 version of jquery_plugin)

Drupal 6: jquery_plugin, upload_element, views


JavaScript animations can be very CPU intensive. For best performance, keep your animations short (preferably under a second), and infrequent (every 5 seconds at least).
Performance will be improved by installing jquery_update 6.x-2.x which includes jquery 1.3.x..

You may wish to read this great comparison of rotator / slider modules (although this module is not actually listed there yet).


Rotor is being developed by Tom Kirkpatrick (mrfelton) of SystemSeed in association with. The author may be contacted for paid customisations of this module, Drupal consultation or other Drupal-related projects.

How can you get involved?

* Write a review for this module on
* Report any bugs, feature requests, etc. in the issue tracker.
* Contact the maintainer with any comments, questions, or a quote for custom module customisations.

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