Captcha Riddler form


Captcha Riddler is a sub module of Captcha that lets site administrators create their own questions to foil automated spam bots.

Seeking Co-Maintainer

If you use Riddler and would like to help, the Drupal 8 version is lagging behind. An additional maintainer with Drupal 8 module development experience could make quick work of the 8.x issue list. Thank you!


This module lets you create custom riddles for the Captcha module. requiring guests to answer the 'riddle' before being allowed to submit the form.

  • Create your own Captcha questions to give your forms personality that matches your site
  • Allows multiple possible answers for one question.
  • Multiple possible questions, randomly presenting just one to the user.


Captcha module is required.

Supporting organizations: 
Provided paid development for the initial D8 port.

Project information