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The jQuery reel formatter allows you to use the Jquery reel plugin to output your images as a panorama or a 360° view of a place or object.
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Most options available for the jQuery plugin can be set from the Field settings form found on the Manage display page for your content type.


Download and extract the module to sites/all/modules or sites/xx/modules depending on your configuration.
Enable the module from the module administration page or using drush.


Create an image field on your content type that allows 2 values.
Set the formatter from the Manage display pages to jQuery reel and customise the options as desired.
Create a node from your content type uploading the two images as follows

  • The first image will be the static image initially displayed or used for those without Javascript.
  • The second image is the image sprite containing all of the required frames etc. This is your reel image that you've previously stitched together in the appropriate format using the image editor of your choice. Refer to the jQuery reel website for details on how to stitch your image together.

Future plans

As the reel plugin supports an array of images instead of the stitched together sprite, it is planned to create another formatter that will generate the array from the uploaded images, preventing the need to have a pre-built sprite image. Contact the maintainers if you're interested in sponsoring this feature.

Drupal 6 version to-do

The Drupal 6 version doesn't have the configuration options that the Drupal 7 version has.

  • Use jQuery update once this issue is resolved issue.
  • Add configuration options from D7 version.


This module was written by Lee Rowlands of Rowlands Group and was sponsored by Voltz Studio.
The Drupal 6 version of this module was done by Nicolas Borda.

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