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Updated userinterface for beta3 release


This module started from the idea to be able to 'record' a feature. Well, not the entire feature of course, but parts of it that are hard to backtrack when you started creating the feature. Even more specific: the strongarm part of a feature. If you want your feature to be truly 'activate module and go'-style, strongarm is simply unmissable.
What variable was changed during the creation of a feature is really hard to track. You'd have to inspect all the form elements to see how the variable could be named. Could be, meaning that you do not get the correct variable name by just inspecting form elements. Multiple elements could be stored in one variable etc. As an extra option, you can also track changes to permissions and export them too.
An overview of both the variable changes and permission changes will be supplied when the recording has stopped. You can easily select what changes you would like to be exported or not.


Currently this module is in beta (don't we all love beta?) and will only export 'changes' to a .info style format for use with drush.

I'll work on this in the little spare time that I have, so progress won't be lightning fast... At all ;-)
Feel free to jump the wagon :-p


This module requires Strongarm and Features if you want to have any use of it, though Strongarm is not a dependency for installation or operation, Features is. It does not (yet?) use any functionality form the Strongarm module, but this module is absolutely useless if you do not use Features or Strongarm, let alone know what they are.
Chaos tool suite will most likely be required for export functionality in the future.

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