About Read More Link

This module allows you to move the "Read more" link from the node's links area to the end of the teaser text.

NOTE: This page is devoted solely to the Drupal 7.x version of the Read More Link module. If you're using an earlier version of Drupal, please visit the old Read More Link for Drupal 6.x and earlier module page.

Styling the "Read more" link

You can style the "Read more" link by adding the following to your theme's stylesheet (usually style.css):

.read-more {
  /* Whatever style you want here */

Remember to clear your cache if you make any changes to your theme's stylesheet.

Known bugs

Please bear in mind that we're in the process of upgrading this module to Drupal 7. The following features do not currently work:

  • RSS version of link
  • Upgrade path from Drupal 6.x to 7.x hasn't been tested

Upgrading to 7.x-1.x-dev

The latest dev version has been refactored to support tokens. In the process, it was also refactored to be driven by tokens.

When you upgrade, here are some changes in behavior you need to keep in mind:

  • Instead of one setting for the link text, there are now two settings. One is the text of the link itself, and the other is a wrapper around the text. The wrapper defaults to [node:read-more:link], the link itself.
  • If you set the wrapper text to Text before [node:read-more:link] and after., the "Text before" and "and after." will not be part of the link.
  • If you previously used @title in your read-more text, you'll need to replace it with [node:title].
  • The title tag of the link can also be populated with tokens.


Recent development of this module is sponsored by the Drupal.org redesign team and Four Kitchens.

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