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Read More Tweak

Seeking a new maintainer

Please contact Todd Nienkerk if you are interested in taking over maintenance of this module.

About Read More Link

This module allows you to move the "Read more" link from the node's links area to the end of the teaser text.

Drupal 7.x version of Read More Link

The Drupal 7.x version of this module has been moved to a new project: Read More Link for Drupal 7.x and beyond. This page contains versions of the Read More Link module for Drupal 6.x and earlier.

Styling the "Read more" link

You can style the "Read more" link by adding the following to your theme's stylesheet (usually style.css):

.read-more {
  /* Whatever style you want here */

Remember to clear your cache if you make any changes to your theme's stylesheet.

IMPORTANT: Upgrading to the full 6.x-5.0 release

If you have been using release candidates (6.x-5.0-RC7 or earlier), please be aware of the following major changes:

  • Overriding theme_ed_readmore_link(): The $separator variable has been removed. If you are overriding this function in your theme, please remove this variable from the function header in your theme's template.php file.
  • Using markup in the link text: Please move any markup or special characters in the "Link text" field into the "Prepend link text" and "Append link text" fields. This change is necessary to allow better multilingual support.


Recent development of this module is sponsored by the redesign team and Four Kitchens.

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