Quora Module provides related questions/posts of QUORA websites in drupal as Block or Ctools Plugin. Quora Questions/Posts to be displayed is fetched on the basis of tags provided by one of the fields of the content type. This field acting as the interconnection between your Drupal website and Quora Website is configurable.

This module uses

Google's Custom Search Engine (CSE) api

to fetch

Quora questions/posts related to your content

and display them in a block or ctools plugin.In short, Quora Module uses Google CSE API to bridge Drupal and Quora, as quora website itself doesn't provide any developer api.



Quora Administration Configurations:

* Google Custom Search Api -
Enter your Google custom search engine api. To generate Google Custom Search Engine API, visit https://cse.google.com/cse.

* Google Custom Search Engine CX ID -
Enter CX-ID of google custom search engine.

(IMPORTANT: While creating Custom Search Engine for your Drupal application, do not restrict pages from *.quora.com while it is recommended to add *.quora.com as "Sites to Search").

* Quora TAG Field For Content Types -
For each content type, we need to map field to be used by Quora module as to get tags to fetch related Quora Questions/Tags. By default, Quora Modules look for Tags field in the content type and in case it fails to get appropriate terms for building search query, Quora Module uses title field for the purpose.

Quora Block/Ctools Plugin Configuration:

Allows to control the display of Quora Questions/Posts in the Block or Plugin

Admins can have control over Quora Questions/Posts to be shown using these advanced search options.



Basic Flow implemented by Quora Module is:
1. Collect Terms from the content using one of the field values of Content.
2. Preprocess the terms and builds query
3. Uses Google CSE (Custom Search Engine API) (If provided) to fetch Related
Quora Questions/Posts.
4. Display them in the block/widget.


Current maintainers:

* Purushotam Rai (https://drupal.org/user/3193859)
* Gaurav Garg (https://www.drupal.org/u/gg24)



* CTOOLS (http://drupal.org/project/ctools)
When enabled Quora module provides Quora Plugin available as ctools plugin under Widgets section. Quora plugin allows user to use the quora feature separately for each panel.

* Panels Hash Cache (https://www.drupal.org/project/panels_hash_cache)
This module provides a hash-based cache for Panels and other Chaos Tools powered displays.



Q: What if a content doesn't have data in the field selected as Quora Tag field?

A: Quora Module intelligently collect terms from alternate fields, continues the further process and displayes related Quora Questions/Posts.

Q: What if I don't have Custom Search API?

A: It is highly recommended to use Google Custom Search Engine API as it is highly reliable, but in case user fails to submit appropriate Google CSE API and CX-ID, Quora again plays intelligently to fetch related posts/Questions of Quora

Q: Do Quora Module requires Credentials to work?

A: No, Quora Module uses Google Custom Search Engine API for its internal searching purposes.



Quora Module handles warning and errors itself, and on the same time logs into Recent DB Logs.

This project has been sponsored by:
* QED42
QED42 is a web development agency focussed on helping organisations and individuals reach their potential, most of our work is in the space of publishing, e-commerce, social and enterprise.

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