This module executes items in the Queue Runner queue, typically using a drush command.

The main goal of the Queue Runner module is that it runs for x time and executes as many tasks as possible within the given timeframe, with a specific interval between tasks. This is effectively a sort of daemon that continiously executes tasks in the queue.

By using the unix cron command to run this once per minute, it will effectively continuously execute tasks that are added to the queue. It waits until the last item has finished and starts the whole queue processing code again for another minute. File locking is used to maintain exclusive execution per unix cron job.

Queue Runner module started from the Drupal 7 Queue API, but it needs to go beyond the basic back-end agnostic behavior provided by the interface. It also derived inspiration from the Advanced Queue module, among others.

An important feature added recently is the notion of a "collector" which allows the creation of a task that spans additional tasks for parallel, serial, or other modes. The results of all the sub-tasks that were spawned can be collected together and logged together in a single log file.

Please see the included README.txt for further information.

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