Drupal 8

Provides a better queue API for Drupal 8.

Queues are configuration entities with an associated backend plugin. The backend plugin is responsible for enqueueing and manipulating jobs. Each job has a type (JobType plugin), responsible for processing it.


$job = Job::create('commerce_recurring_renew_order', ['order_id' => '10']);
// Any queue can hold any job. Having different queues
// allows grouping jobs by different criteria.
// High vs low priority. Processed by cron or Drush/Console.
// One in SQL, one in Redis. Etc.
$queue = Queue::load('default');


  • Job states (queued/processing/success/failure)
  • Job results (state, message, processing time stored on the job)
  • Retries (configurable per job type or per job)
  • Delayed processing (run the job in 10 days, retry in 1 day, etc)
  • API support for bulk job creation and interfaces for optional features
  • Drush and Drupal Console commands for processing queues
  • Views-powered job listings

Drupal 7

An extended queuing module fully backward compatible with and a drop-in replacement of DrupalQueue.


  • A Drush-based execution engine for queued job, supporting executing multiple queues at the same time and timeouts
  • Human readable, translatable names for queued items
  • Status of queued items (new, being processed, succeeded, failed), and result payload
  • Full Views integration

Original development sponsored by Publicis Modem

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