Quiz questions import (qq_import) is a simple module, designed as an addon for quiz module. It allows user with permission 'import quiz questions' to create a bulk of quiz questions from CSV file. The import CSV file must be in format specified in examples directory.

How to use

  • Create questions CSV file. Refer examples directory for sample.
  • Login as admin to your drupal site and navigate to Administer > Quiz management > Import Quiz Questions page.
  • Select the questions type and upload the CSV file. This step will create quiz questions.
  • Navigate to Administer > Content management > Content to see the list of created questions.

How it is different from existing import module
Proposed module is a subset of existing import module developed for one of our recent projects. Existing module supports many import types but nothing works out-of-box. Handling multiple import types made validation and submit handler tricky and hard to customize for project specific needs. Proposed module supports only CSV import. Import file can have only one type of questions (either multichoice, truefalse or similar). The code is posted in drupal.org with an intention of sharing with others.

To submit bug reports and feature suggestions, or to track changes, Follow issue queue

This module depends of quiz. To use this module you need to enable, the quiz module and one of its questions type module (multichoice, long_answer, etc.)

Install as usual, see Handbook for further information.

Current maintainer:
Sivaji - http://drupal.org/user/328724

Development and maintenance of this project is being sponsored by KnackForge - The Drupal shop based out of Chennai, India. We offer Drupal development, consultancy, hosting and support to customers worldwide.

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