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Example Page

This module is experimental. Please give us feedback.

QP Services is an integration module that provides additional blocks and tools for the QueryPath and Amplify modules.

Included in this package:

  • Flickr photos
  • Flickr photos by amplification terms
  • Amazon books by amplified terms
  • Technorati posts by amplified terms
  • Twitter messages by amplified terms
  • Shopping.Com product search (amplified)
  • Bloglines Blog entries from around the web (amplified)
  • SVG-based heat maps (amplified)
  • Mood clouds (amplified)

You do not need the Flickr, Amazon, or Twitter modules to make this work. QueryPath can contact those services directly.


You will need API keys for the web services above. Add these keys in Administer > Site configuration > QP Services.

The module provides many blocks that you can use. Add them in the standard block configuration page (Administer >Site building > Blocks)

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