This module implements a Private message with node.js.
This module gives the possibility of interactive communication.

Current features

  • User being capable of receiving and sending messages without reloading the thread page.
  • User being capable of receiving new message alert on every page without the page reloading.
  • Having received a message alert, user is free to either elect the dialogue page or mini chat option for communication.
  • User being capable of opening mini chats to keep up communicating on several threads at a time.
  • Notification sounds settings available.
  • Typing indicator available (to see that the contact is writing an instant message).
  • Some of the settings are accessible from the admin page.


Demo site
You can get registered and do the testing of the functional.


Drupal module Private message
Drupal module node.js.(Installation Video)
And, if you want all sounds to be working when the message comes then you should install the libraries module and audiojs library.


For privatemsg 7.x-1.x use privatemsg_nodejs 7.x-1.x version.

For privatemsg 7.x-2.x use privatemsg_nodejs 7.x-2.x version.

This module is used in distributive ASYNC Drupal

Andrew Siz
Oleg Zemelia (InternetDevels team)

Project Information