This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Provides system-wide personalization of e-mails by enhancing From and Reply-To email addresses with display names. After installing this module, a recipient will see the real name of the sender (eg. "Real Name <>") instead of only its e-mail address (which is the default behavior of Drupal).

This module relies on the Token module to provide on-the-fly substitutions.


Drupal 6

  • Token
  • A user profile module that supports tokens:
    • Content Profile Tokens (part of Content Profile)
    • Profile (core) TODO needs to be ported

Drupal 5

  • Token
  • Patched that provides support for profile values (included in download)
  • One of the supported user profile modules:


Written by Stefan M. Kudwien (smk-ka)

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