This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Project6 Base (p6_base) theme is meant to be used as a startup theme for your web projects. It comes with a sub-theme which should be the one to be used. Do not use the p6_base directly.


Read "Installing themes" at, if you are not familiar with installing themes, or need help installing.

Download the theme from the project page at to your themes folder. It is usually sites/all/themes directory.

There are two methods for creating a sub-theme for p6_base main theme. The easiest and safest way is using the Drush tool. You can also create a sub-theme manually.

Creating a sub-theme using Drush

  1. Copy the downloaded theme into your site's themes directory.
    i.e. sites/all/themes/p6_base
  2. Empty Drush cache so the Drush command would be available.
    drush cache-clear drush
  3. Run following command to see available options:
    drush help p6_base
  4. Create a sub-theme, using the default options.
    drush p6_base "My theme name"
  5. Or, create a sub-theme with the options you define:
    drush p6_base "My theme name" my_theme --description="My theme description..."
  6. Drush, will create a sub-theme in the same directory as p6_base with the defined options.

Creating a sub-theme manually

  1. Copy "P6_SUBTHEME" folder to sites/all/themes directory.
  2. Rename "P6_SUBTHEME" folder to "my_theme"
  3. Rename to
  4. Rename all the files prefixed with "p6_subtheme." to "my_theme."
  5. Edit "" and "template.php" to do a find & replace;
  6. Find "P6_SUBTHEME" and replace with "my_theme".

Enable your new theme

Visit /admin/appearance page and enable your new sub-theme.


This project is developed by Osman Gormus and sponsored by Project6 Design, Inc., a leading Drupal design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit us at or contact us at

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