This module integrates the wonderful Owl Carousel slider built by OwlFonk. The primary module is comprised of three sub modules providing a views style, field formatter & administration UI. The administration form leverages the variable module providing multilingual support out of the box.

Owl Carousel is a modern responsive slider which boasts the following features;

  • Responsive
  • Touch Events
  • Mouse Slide Events
  • Fully Customizable
  • Choose the number of items to be displayed
  • Multiple Sliders
  • CSS3 3d Transitions
  • Custimizable controls
  • JSON
  • Custom events
  • Helpful callbacks


Please follow these instructions for installation & configuration of Owl Carousel.



For Drupal 8 please consider using Flickity as a carousel solution. Flickity will aim to support similar features found in Owl; specifically settings per breakpoint.


Project information