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For government and public policy organizations, open source only works if it’s built for the security, accessibility, and flexibility requirements of the public sector. The open government and open data initiatives provide ample opportunities for innovation in web applications and data visualization. But without security and accessibility measures that we can trust, our “open” goals cannot be achieved.

OpenPublic provides a distribution specially designed for open government requirements, such as improving citizen services, providing public access to data and providing a public forum for two way communication with agencies, without compromising accessibility, security, or usability.

Built from experience working with top-level government agencies and organizations. Built to publish information on any device. Built with accessibility best practices in mind for both the public-facing site and the administrative interfaces. Built with security needs answered out-of-the-box.

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A full drupal install is available below.

If you are comfortable with drush make the make file build-openpublic.make can be used to build openpublic with the command

drush make --prepare-install build-openpublic.make openpublic
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