Screenshot of Openfolio with sample content

OpenFolio is a distribution for photographers, painters, or other visual artists who want to create a web portfolio of their work. It was created with simplicity in mind.


  • Simplified Image Galleries
  • Bulk Uploading of Images
  • Super Simple Artist interface

A Learning Tool

OpenFolio is a Six Mile Tech Learning Distribution. It was created to be a Drupal Site Building learning tool as well as functional distribution. It contains almost no custom code aside from it's install profile.

Openfolio is built to be understandable by beginning and intermediate Drupal site builders. Openfolio can help you learn Drupal site building by example.

Some of the modules that Openfolio demonstrates are

An option to install sample content is included during installation to demonstrate the features of the site.

Video Introduction

Sites using Openfolio:

If you are using Openfolio let us know

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