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OM Maps - USA Map

OM Maps is a plugin of OM Maximenu (for ver. 1.0-rc5 and beyond), it's a collection of image maps used for navigating your site sections/pages.

Available Maps

  • Countries
    • U.S.A - 50 clickable states
    • Philippines - soon!
    • Australia - soon!
    • Singapore - soon!
    • Japan - soon!
    • India - soon!
    • China - soon!
  • Others
    • World Map - soon


  • Inherits all OM Maximenu features
  • Shows as block by default
  • Currently, you can only change color via photo editor
  • Currently, it's not resizable, 640px width only

Quick settings path reference

  • Drupal 6 /admin/settings/om-maximenu/om-maps
  • Drupal 7 /admin/structure/om-maximenu/om-maps
  • Drupal 8 /admin/structure/om-maximenu/om-maps

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Sponsored by: Promet Source, an Acquia Drupal partner company

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