This module is a theming enhancement tool designed to work with all themes, but works best for OM Base Theme. Add classes to menu items, blocks, nodes; change stylesheet based on browser size; change the look of your user, search forms, etc.

New to OM Tools 2

  • Block Classes
  • Menu Classes
  • Advanced Editing with Backup (downloadable file backup or database backup) and Restore Feature
  • No multiple db queries, only 1 db query for all tools

System Tool

Responsive/Adaptive Design Tool

It supports all major browsers, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE.

  • You can setup various stylesheets for 1600px, 1440px, 1120px, 960px, 800px, 640px, 480px, ... screen sizes.
  • OM Tools uses jquery.mediaqueries.js by alexander.farkas for selecting appropriate stylesheet for viewport size, if ver.1.2 doesn't work on IEs, try ver.1.1.9
  • Great for IPad, IPhone, wide screen monitor and various devices with varying screen sizes
  • Change design in real-time while resizing your browser, no browser refresh needed.
  • Note: For Drupal7, you might need to clear cache after saving the OM Tools settings for the first time.

Block Tool (OM Tools 2 only)

Block Classes

  • Fast editing, add all classes for all blocks in 1 page.
  • If caching is not turned on, OM Tools only uses 1 query from database for all blocks in a page.

Menu Tool (OM Base Theme & OM Tools 2 only)

Menu Classes

  • Fast editing, add all classes for all blocks in 1 page.
  • If caching is not turned on, OM Tools only uses 1 query from database for all blocks in a page.

Common form tools features

  • Change form page title
  • Hide or change labels
  • Label as default text
  • Add rollover text
  • Change field description
  • Change field size
  • Change button text

Search Tools

Search Forms

  • Search Theme (D6 only)
  • Search Block
  • Search Page

User Tools

User Forms

  • Login Block
  • Login Page
  • Registration Page
  • Request for New Password
  • Login and Registration in one page => /user/login-register

Node Tools

Option to hide all titles per content type

  • D6, works for all themes
  • D7, if you're not using OM Base Theme, add " h1.title { display: none; }" to your css

Node Terms Classes

Easy solution for making links to be active on certain node types and terms, and more...

  • Terms as body classes, pulls terms from vocabularies, configurable prefixes
    Ex. terms = "mobile", "iphone"
    <body class"... content-term-mobile content-term-iphone ...">...

Node Body Classes

  • Enforced node type on node/1, node/add/page, node/1/edit, node/1/delete, and section for node/add/edit/delete, you can now create a single css rule for all
    Ex. node type = "page"
    <body class="... content-type-page content-type-page-add section-node-add ...">
    <body class="... content-type-page content-type-page-edit section-node-edit ...">
    <body class="... content-type-page content-type-page-view section-[section] ...">
    <body class="... content-type-page content-type-page-delete section-node-delete...">

Quick settings path reference

  • Drupal 6 /admin/settings/om-tools
  • Drupal 7 /admin/config/system/om-tools
  • Drupal 8 /admin/config/system/om-tools


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Sponsored by: Promet Source, an Acquia Drupal partner company

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