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"OM" (AUM) - the source of everything. If you're looking for a simple, lightweight and with only the bare functionalities needed for your complex designs, OM base theme is for you. It's a professional base theme for a professional themer.

OM Base Theme helps reduce your custom theming work, making it easier and less time needed to develop a highly customized theme, unlike other base themes (with so many files and theme settings which can only be a huge baggage to carry later on), OM Base Theme has optimized codes to a minimum. As a result, you can easily migrate any existing web design templates to drupal since there's not much css overriding on a very simple base theme.

  • No complex css overriding, its core CSS is reduced to minimum.
  • Simplifies page.tpl.php structure, variables are grouped by default (a form of abstraction for common layouts), which made the layout more obvious. With this, it's easier to see how to make the wrapper and region divs and other elements in the layout.
  • And with its version 2, you can automate this process by using OM Subthemer.
  • Optional 12-column, 16-column and 24-column grid guides using 960 Grid System standards.
  • Includes HTML5 Starter Subtheme template for D6 and D7
  • Includes simple off-line theme with timer.
  • Non-dynamic settings are NOT saved in database but in files which is much faster way of accessing custom configuration.

New to base theming?

Click here to understand the basics by Emma Jane Hogbin

Documentation (ver. 2.x)

Documentation (ver. 1.x)

Demos / Samples:

Promet Solutions, Inc. Projects



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  • OM Subthemer - Subtheme generator for OM and other base themes
  • OM Tools - Adaptive / Responsive Design tool, User Forms, Search Forms, Body Classes Tools
  • OM Maximenu - maximize your main menu with large dropdown which can contain views slideshow, table, list and other blocks
  • OM Maps - a collection of navigational image maps, such as countries, places, etc.

Note: 6.x-2.x / 7.x-2.x

  • Powers OM Subthemer, get OM Black Subtheme
  • Using theme() function to render regions, and other page variables
  • Simplified
  • Less CSS for custom theming
  • Integrated with OM Tools power custom menu and block classes

Simplicity to the Core
If you have any idea on simplifiying custom theming further or need any help, please contact me. Or send me a message through

DO NOT use Drupal 7 Update Manager on updating OM HTML5, because this will result to themes/om/om, follow this issue on D7 core,

Version 2.9 Changes:

  • Tags/Markups/CSS: navigation -> nav
  • Updated reset.css
  • om_grids.css, to use this, just see the new regions.php and add 'grid => 0' to your existing regions.php
  • Meta device settings in .info file, if you already have your subthemes, just copy some settings from the new
  • You can disable/enable 12, 16, 24 grids and guides inside .info file

Due to code refactoring, upgrading to 6.x-1.12 will hide all your blocks, just hit CLEAR CACHE before pulling your hair out.

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