A CCK/Fields module that creates an "office hours" or "opening hours" field.
You can set the default weekly office hours for your locations.


The D8-version is basically working. The UX is poor, however. Testers and Fixers are welcome!
See https://www.drupal.org/node/2384453 for its status.
We need some JS-specialist, to get the Javascript working again.


The D6-version is not maintained anymore.


A short intro can be found here.

The widget provides:
- 'allowed hours' restrictions;
- input validation;
- use of either a 24 or 12 hour clock;
- using 1, 2 or even more 'time blocks' per day (thanks to jonhattan).

The formatter provides options to easily create your own display. For example, next to the 'normal' tabular layout, you can create a view to export the data to a Google Places bulk upload file.
It also features:
- an 'open now'/'closed now' indicator;
- options to group days (E.g., "Mon-Fri 12:00-22:00").

Feeds support is provided to import Office hours for multiple locations at once.

    You can set the format as follows:
  • Add the field to an node/entity
  • Select the 'Office hours' formatter
  • Set the formatter details at /admin/structure/types/manage/NODE_TYPE/display/VIEW_MODE
  • Add the field to a view
  • Select the 'Office hours' formatter
  • Check the formatter settings of the field


This module depends on the Date module.
The D7-version depends on the Date-submodule date_api.

Use cases

See this nice use case that shows how you can maintain and publish changing opening hours in advance.

See also the following review by Lullabot: Module Monday: Office Hours

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