Defines a 'weekly office hours' field type, allowing you to specify when a location is open or closed.

The D8-version is now the version for new functionalities. New features are:
- separate formatters for string, table and status.
- comments per time slot.
The D7-version is only maintained for errors.
The D6-version is not maintained anymore.


A short intro can be found here.

See this nice use case that shows how you can maintain and publish changing opening hours in advance.

See also the following review by Lullabot: Module Monday: Office Hours

The widget provides:

  • 'allowed hours' restrictions;
  • input validation;
  • use of either a 24 or 12 hour clock;
  • using 1, 2 or even more 'time blocks' per day (thanks to jonhattan);
  • as of version 7.x-1.6 a comment can be entered per line (thanks to ripz0r ).

The formatter provides options to easily create your own display. For example, next to the 'normal' tabular layout, you can create a view to export the data to a Google Places bulk upload file.
It also features:
- an 'open now'/'closed now' indicator;
- options to group days (E.g., "Mon-Fri 12:00-22:00").

D7-Feeds support is provided to import Office hours for multiple locations at once.

    You can set the format as follows:
  • Add the field to an node/entity
  • Select the 'Office hours' formatter
  • Set the formatter details at /admin/structure/types/manage/NODE_TYPE/display/VIEW_MODE
  • Add the field to a view
  • Select the 'Office hours' formatter
  • Check the formatter settings of the field


This module depends on the Date module.
The D7-version depends on the Date-submodule date_api.

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