Easy way upload files in BUEditor, CKEditor and textarea's.


  • Upload images and insert into editor image code
  • Upload files and insert into editor link code
  • Multi-upload files and images
  • Drag & Drop files to button and textarea (in 2.x) (video 1, video 2)
  • Attach uploaded files to field (in 2.x)
  • Integration with image styles
  • Editable html templates

Video screencast (in WebM format) with work of module.
Описание модуля на русском языке.

Similar modules

Version comparison

1.x - uses flash upload library SWFUpload
2.x - uses html5 javascript library flow.js


1.x - Browser with support Flash
2.x - PHP 5.4+, Browser with support HTML5 File API

Install One Click Upload

  1. Extract module archive in sites/all/modules
  2. Enable module One Click Upload
  3. (Ony for 7.x-1.x) Download SWFUpload v2.2.0.1 Core, extract archive in sites/all/libraries and rename dir SWFUpload v2.2.0.1 Core to swfupload. After this file swfupload.js must be available on path sites/all/libraries/swfupload/swfupload.js.

    Drush users can use the command drush ocupload-dl-library.

Integrate to BUEditor module

  1. Open BUEditor config page admin/config/content/bueditor.
  2. Click Edit link for your use editor.
  3. Add new button with code: js: E.showFileSelectionDialog(); (do not change this code!) (screenshot).
  4. Click Save configuration.

Integrate to CKEditor module

  1. Open CKEditor config page admin/config/content/ckeditor.
  2. Click edit link for your use editor.
  3. Open section Editor appearance, go to Toolbar field and drag&drop One Click Upload icon from All buttons to Used buttons (screenshot before, screenshot after).
  4. Below, in Plugins field, choose checkbox One Click Upload (screenshot).
  5. Disable Advanced content filter
  6. Click Save.

Integrate to Wysiwyg module+CKEditor 4 library

  1. Open Wysiwyg config page admin/config/content/wysiwyg.
  2. Click Edit link for your use editor.
  3. Open fieldset Buttons and plugins and mark checkbox One Click Upload.
  4. Click Save.


If not work (for 7.x-1.x)

  1. Check in browser next files:

    they should be available. If not — reinstall SWFUpload
  2. Check permissions on sites/default/files and path specified in ocupload template settings. Should be allowed to write.
  3. Check Maintenance mode on admin/config/development/maintenance — should be off.

Project Information