Provides OAuth2 server functionality based on the
oauth2-server-php library.

Dependencies: Entity API, Entity reference, X Autoload.

Important: 7.x-1.0-rc2 is the last version that supports PHP 5.2.
All later versions require PHP 5.3 and X Autoload (due to oauth2-server-php itself requiring PHP 5.3 from version v1.0).


  • Entity-based architecture.
  • Supports creating multiple exportable servers with own scopes and clients.
  • Designed for an unbounded number of scopes.
  • Supported grant types:
    • Authorization code
    • Client credentials
    • Refresh token
    • Password
    • JSON Web Token (JWT)
  • Support for the implicit flow.
  • Support for per-client automatic authorization (skipping the authorization form).
  • Services integration (authentication).
  • Support for OpenID Connect.

Warning: The Services integration requires Services 3.6 (or newer).

The tests can be used as an example client-side implementation.

See the documentation page for information on getting started.

Sponsored by Commerce Guys.

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