This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a quick little module to allow you to selectively apply nofollow to menu items and taxonomy terms to allow 'sculpting' of pagerank - effectively allowing you to focus search engines' attention on particular areas of your website by controlling the flow of link juice around your website.

This can be useful for large websites, by moving the focus away from links repeated on every page (About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, T&Cs etc) and onto the content itself, whilst still allowing you enough granularity to ensure these pages are indexed, somewhere.

It uses roughly the same admin menu as the block visibility sections, allowing you to enable or disable nofollow on a page by page basis, or even to use PHP code to determine whether nofollow is passed or not.

To install you will need to add some custom theming functions, see the readme.txt file for more information

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