Ordering a subqueue

The Nodequeue module allows users to collect nodes in an arbitrarily ordered list. The order in the list can be used for a any purpose, such as:

  • A block listing teasers for the five top news stories on a site
  • A user’s favorite music albums
  • A group of favorite from which one is randomly displayed

Nodequeue provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to manually order any queue. Additionally, it allows nodes to be added and removed from queues without needing edit permissions to the node. Nodes can be added to queues either from a queue management tab or by links on the node teaser.

Smartqueue API

Nodequeue provides a robust API that allows other modules to define smartqueues, which are associated with external data. For example, the included taxonomy smartqueue creates subqueues for a given queue for every term in the chosen vocabulary. Nodes are then only eligible for subqueues whose term matches the nodes terms. This makes it very easy to have queues for each category without cluttering the management page.

Modules that Extend Nodequeue:

Apache Solr Search Integration

The latest version of Nodequeue for Drupal 6 includes integration with Apache Solr Search, making it possible to boost nodes that are part of a queue.

Nodequeue contains an extensive API. It integrates well with Views and Actions, as well as providing a host of functions to interface with it directly, making it possible to manipulate queues programmatically for whatever purposes that are customized to your website.

Releases for 5.x and prior are unsupported at this time.

7.x-3.x release
This release is intended to provide exportable component support via Features.
Use it at your own risks. Feedback and patches are greatly appreciated.

7.x-3.x is no longer under development and is not supported. Sites using 7.x-3.x should migrate to Entityqueue.

Related Modules
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The Entityqueue module is a rewrite of Nodequeue for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, based on entities, and allows users to create queues of any entity type. If you need to migrate from Drupal 7 Nodequeue to Drupal 8 Entityqueue, then you can use Nodequeue migrate.

Nodequeue was originally written by merlinofchaos and is maintained by ezra-g, amateescu, and fizk.

You can view a screencast about Nodequeue by Learn by the Drop.

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