No Devel gracefully handles PHP errors that are caused by calls to dpm() and related functions of the Devel module when Devel is not installed/enabled. Anyone who has encountered "Call to undefined function dpm()" during development, or accidentally "white screened" an entire live site when moving code containing a stray Devel function call to staging and production servers may find use for No Devel.

No Devel is intended to be installed as insurance on live servers and to aid development, particularly in multiple-server environments with multiple developers, not as an excuse to sloppily leave unnecessary function calls in production code.

This is a "set and forget" module: simply install and enable, and it will protect a site from being adversely affected in the event that a Devel module function call is accidentally included or pushed to a site.


  • Devel function calls (when Devel is not enabled) are handled as warning messages for administrators and/or warnings in Drupal's log, instead of raw PHP errors. These options are configurable.
  • The following Devel functions are protected against: dfb(), dfbt(), dcp(), dd(), drupal_debug(), dargs(), dpq(), dpm(), dvm(), dsm(), dpr(), kpr(), dvr(), kprint_r(), dprint_r(), devel_render(), ddebug_backtrace(), db_queryd(), ddl(), and ddl_once(). For more information on these functions see: http://drupal.org/project/devel
  • Though the point of No Devel is for sites where you do not wish to have Devel enabled, this module works politely with Devel: you can toggle Devel on and off while No Devel remains enabled without Devel's functionality being adversely affected.


  • Drupal 7

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