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Node import via cron

Allows user or bot to add new or update existent data for specified tasks in theirs files and then process it via cron by Node import module. It may help if you want to automatize data import. Module works in several modes:

  • Imports only new data, which was appended to the file.
  • Imports all data from the beginning of the file.
  • Updates imported data (deletes old nodes and imports all data again from the beginning of the file).

Ability to change number of rows to import on cron run is added in settings page. By default it equals to 25.


This module is very simple to use, you need to:

  1. Add new task.
  2. Select type of forced import in cron.
  3. Save configuration.
  4. Append new or modify existent data it in the file assigned for the task.
  5. When cron is run data will be processed as the way you have configured.

Deleted old nodes option works only for nodes that have been added in the last cron run.

If you are using Elysia cron module, you should to configure both Node import and Node import via cron tasks to be executed in following order:

  1. ni_cron_cron
  2. node_import_cron

CCK File Field preprocess

If you would like to import nodes with CCK File Fields, you have to manually move the files at their final location before importing. This function will move your files to their final location before the import process.

This is how it works:

  • you have a node with a file field, which is stored in"files/nodefile" folder;
  • you copy your CSV file to "files/imports" (this is the default folder for node import module);
  • and you copy files to "files/imports/files/nodefile" folder;
  • when the new import file is found by ni_cron module, than all the files under "files/imports/files/nodefile" will be moved to "files/nodefile."

Node import via cron 1.5 have been released!

Several major abilities were added:

  • to import all data from the beginning;
  • to delete old nodes;
  • to change number of rows to import on cron run;
  • to preprocess CCK File Fields before import.

To update from previous module release copy new files to the module directory and run update.php script.


  • This project is sponsored by Trellon.
  • Thanks to lupus78 for significant contribution to 1.4 release of this module.

Releases Information

If you are using node_import 6.x-1.0, please, use ni_cron 6.x-1.6.
If you are using node_import 6.x-1.0-rc4 or below, please use ni_cron 6.x-1.5.

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