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Node import allows users to import content (node, user, taxonomy) from CSV or TSV files.

Note that all files need to be in UTF8 encoding.

You can convert to UTF8 by using to create your CSV files, or by loading it in a text editor such as Notepad+ and convert the encoding. Non UTF8 files are generally generated by MS Excel if you choose CSV format (which you must avoid!).

For Drupal 7.x

It is likely there will not be a Drupal 7 version of Node import as the Feeds module provides similar functionality (or even better, e.g. updating content) and has more active developers.
I may however change my mind...

Possible alternatives to import content in Drupal 7.x:

For Drupal 6.x

The port to Drupal 6 is work in progress.


Related modules

Node import via cron
Allows user or bot to add new or update existent data for specified tasks in theirs files and then process it via cron by Node import module. It may help if you want to automatize data import.
Menu import
This module allows users to quickly scaffold a new Drupal site by creating empty nodes and menu items referencing them. Besides it allows batch-arrange existing nodes into a given menu structure. Modules like Node Import allow you to easily add large amounts of content to your Drupal site. This module can be used together with Node Import, allowing you to upload an indented file that tells Drupal how all these nodes should be organized.

What works?

  • Importing nodes:
    • blog,
    • books,
    • comment (comment setting),
    • node (title, body, format, authored by, authored on, workflow settings),
    • path (url settings),
    • taxonomy (assign terms to a node),
    • upload (file attachments).
  • Importing users:
    • user (name, mail, pass, status),
    • profile (additional profile fields).
  • Importing vocabularies:
    • taxonomy (name, description, help, multiple, required, tags, hierarchy).
  • Importing terms:
    • taxonomy (name, description, parent, relation, synonym, weight).

Following CCK content fields may work:

  • Date
  • Email
  • FileField
  • ImageField
  • Link
  • Node reference
  • Number
  • Text
  • User reference

Following contrib modules may work:

  • Location (but not CCK Location),
  • Ubercart 2 (only uc_product).

What does not work?

If it is not listed above it is not supported and will not work.

  • No forums
  • No menu
  • No polls
  • Many other contrib modules are not yet supported.

For Drupal 5.x

Version 5.x is no longer supported.

For Drupal 4.7.x:

Version 4.7.x is no longer supported.


If you feel the Node import module is useful, I accept donations via paypal.

Only local images are allowed.

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