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Moderation Sidebar provides an off-canvas menu to moderate the current Entity. To use the Moderation Sidebar, simply visit any Moderated Entity and click the "Tasks" button in the Toolbar. This will open an off-canvas menu that contains contextual actions related to the Moderation module.

The motivation for creating this module was that Local Tasks and the standard Moderation Form just weren't quick enough for simple Moderation use cases. I wanted a way to, in two clicks, perform any Moderation Transition. I also wanted something that was unobtrusive to the theme - Local Tasks are always displayed, and can make theme development or day-to-day browsing difficult. This way I could put all the local "actions" I care about in one place off screen, and leave administrative tasks in the backend UI.


This module requires Outside In, and depends on the version included in 8.3.2+. Once the offcanvas dialog becomes stable and moves to misc/, I'll drop the dependency and update our libraries definition.

You'll also need to have either Workbench Moderation or Content Moderation installed. I support both modules, but focus my support on Content Moderation. Once Content Moderation becomes stable I will remove Workbench Moderation support from the module as at that time a migration path should exist between the modules.


This module has support for Quick Edit! If you Quick Edit while the sidebar is open, it will re-load with up-to-date Form IDs. If you want to help me out, push this issue forward to integrate Quick Edit into Content Moderation:

You may notice a a "Discard Draft" button in the sidebar. For veteran Workbench Moderation users, you are probably feeling skeptical about this. All this action does it re-save the default revision of the Entity, which means that the default revision is now also the latest revision. In this sense, the Draft has been "discarded" as it is no longer the latest revision. Once this action is performed a link to the Draft's revision is given to the user as a backup.

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