This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Moderate mmenu provides an off-screen menu to moderate the current Node. By default only local tasks (tabs) and the Workbench Moderation block are added to the menu, but additional blocks can be assigned to the menu via the Blocks administration page.

This module requires the jQuery.mmenu library to function.

You can find mmenu releases here:

The module expects the release to be extracted to "jQuery.mmenu", without the release number in the directory name.


This module's development team has moved onto the Moderation Sidebar module, which is similar to this in its intent but is far more user-friendly. We are still happy to respond to any serious bug reports as the base functionality should continue to work, but major improvements will not be worked on.

Known Issues

As this module implements a new off-screen region and adds offsets to the entire page, it may have incapabilities with the following:

  • The Navbar module
  • The Admin Menu module
  • The Mobile sliding menu module, which also uses jQuery.mmenu
  • Absolutely positioned elements relative to the body element
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