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Sample record imported using Millennium Integration

This module integrates Drupal with III/Millennium WebOPACs (library catalogs): you can import bibliographic records, or embed records in a node using the input filter. Imported nodes can have taxonomy terms created from the original record, a real-time holdings display, embedded book previews from Google Book Search and more.



  • Imports records with each Cron.php run or from a manual list, query or record range (at about 10-40 items per second)
  • Can embed records within any node's body using an input filter
  • Can aggregate records from multiple OPACs in a single Drupal site
  • Supports book jacket images, with Views integration
  • Can import and display additional metadata like Library of Congress book description and tables of contents
  • Can display real-time holdings information (fetched via AJAX)
  • Embeds Google Book Search links and previews for items available online


Read the documentation at the demo site (currently covers 6.x version only).

Integration with other modules

  • Views: you can use cover images and other information in your views.
  • Token: use bibliographic data as tokens.
  • HILCC Taxonomy Autotag (6.x only): your imported items' LCC call numbers can be assigned to a hierarchic vocabulary based on HILCC.

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