The menu_tag module allows you to control the display of menu items through a settable tag of a single menu item. Then, for every block that displays a menu, you can select a tag that filters what menu items should be displayed. For instance, you can use this method to control the visibility of menu items in blocks that display Main and Secondary menu on some specific page.

This module is fully compatible with menu_block module which is used to create configurable blocks of menu trees starting with any level of any menu.

The main benefit of combining menu_tag with menu_block is that you can create one huge menu tree with large number of menu items and then reuse different subsets of this menu tree. For instance, on a specific web page or on specific section on your site, you can create a block displaying only a small subset of Main menu items and then make that block though theming an eye-catching one.
A global active trail including the drupal breadcrumb can be easily maintained across multiple design menu regions (menu item tags).

This problem was solved in the past by duplication of menus and menu items; that, however, produced overhead in maintenance of a web site.


  • 2012-07-31: First stable release 7.x-1.0 of module. There are no new features added since the last dev.


Development of this module was initiated and sponsored by MD Systems (concept by Miro Dietiker). Development, Documentation & Community Support is delivered by MontenaSoft.

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