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Screenshot of a menu item container in a menu block

By default, the Drupal menu system only allows you to add menu items that are links. With this module, you can add menu items that are simply containers, and not links.

These containers are just standard menu items, so they work with any module or theme that works with core's menu module. But these containers have these special traits:

  1. Containers have no URL path associated with them. So they are not links, just regular text.
  2. Containers are menu items that are always expanded. Since you can’t go to the container’s “page”, the only way to see its children links are for the container to be always expanded.
  3. The HTML wrapper around the container’s title is controlled with theme_menu_item_container(). See the README.txt for more info.

Screenshot of a menu item container in the menu admin form

This module is compatible with breadcrumbs, core menu blocks, Menu block module, Menu tree module, Custom breadcrumbs module, a theme’s primary and secondary links variables, etc. Basically, if it doesn’t work in a particular place in Drupal, the other module or theme is broken! (j/k. Please report any incompatibilities in the issue queue.)

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