Screenshot of the configuration of a block provided by "Menu block".

This module provides configurable blocks of menu links with advanced features not available in Drupal 8 core.

Drupal 8 core allows you to display blocks of menu links starting with any desired level of a menu and limited to any desired depth.

And this Menu Block module provides additional configuration so you can choose to expand all menu links with children or to root the menu tree to a specific menu item.

The Drupal 7 version of this module provides all of these features since Drupal 7 core does not have any of this functionality.

#DAX - I pledge to make this module as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

Related modules

DHTML menu: Makes any of Drupal's standard menu trees have dynamically expanding menu items. Integrates automatically with Menu block.

Nice menus: Provides blocks of fly-out expandable menu trees. Pretty cool, but the navigation style, by design, is pretty different than Drupal's standard menu tree navigation (which Menu block uses.)

Supporting organizations: 
Ported Menu Block's basic features to Drupal 8 core

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