About Mass Contact

The Mass Contact module allows anyone with the proper permission to send a single email message to multiple users of a site, even to all the authenticated users. There are currently two ways to select users: roles and taxonomy. The Chaos tools suite (ctools) Plugin tool is used to expand the selection capability.

The plugin code was heavily modified for the 7.x-1.0-beta1 release. If you have developed your own plugins, you will need to update them.

As of the 7.x-1.0-alpha5 version, Mass Contact now depends on the Chaos tools suite (ctools). If you already Views installed, then you already have ctools installed. To save yourself some grief, please remember to install ctools before updating this module.

The 7.x-1.0-alpha2 version changes all of the existing permissions and adds a few more. Read the CHANGELOG.txt file for the full details BEFORE updating.

Details about Mass Contact

This module works by sending a single e-mail to your mail server with the recipients' e-mail addresses in either the 'To:' or 'Bcc:' field. The mail server is then responsible for parsing out the recipients' addresses and forwarding the message along to everyone.


  • You can send a message to one or more categories of users, which are specified by role.
  • Large recipient lists may be broken up into smaller chunks.
  • The site administrator can control how many messages are allowed to be sent by a single person in an hour.
  • The message may be sent such that the recipients' e-mail addresses are hidden from each other.
  • The message may be sent as plain text or HTML, even specifying the input format filter to use. (The Drupal 7 version requires the Mime Mail module.)
  • The message may include one or more binary file attachments. (The Drupal 7 version requires the Mime Mail module.)
  • The site administrator may specify different texts to be placed at the beginning and/or the end of every message that is sent out.
  • A copy of the message may be saved as a node.
  • Users may opt-out, by category, of receiving mass mailings on their account settings page.

For more information, see the documentation.


This module was originally developed and the 5.x-1.x branch was maintained by NoahY. Due to a CVS cleanup done in early 2008 to fix some problems, all history, including his name, was deleted.

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