This is a simple module which works with Masquerade module and provides float draggable Masquerade block.

The module useful, for example, when you use panels everywhere on the site and features to export the configuration.
With this module you don't need to care about removing Masquerade block from panel configuration for stage or live environment.

Initial block position is left top, but it can be changed by dragging the block, position will be remembered (using cookies).

Block inherits all settings from native Masquerade block.

Once module was enabled, you will see the Masquerade block on the
left top position. Use as regular Masquerade block.

When the floating Masquerade block is shown an overlay protects the page
against any click. To deactivate the overlay simply click on "Hide" button.
Which is located inside the floating Masquerade block.

Also, you can control appearing of the Masquerade block in three ways:

  1. With admin UI: navigate to admin/config/people/masquerade/float-block (People > Masquerade > Float block) , enable or disable float block.
  2. pass the ?mfb_show parameter in GET request to 1 or 0
    ex.: - enable Masquerade block
    - 1 enable Masquerade block on all pages
    - 0 disable Masquerade block on all pages
  3. set the "masquerade_float_block_visible" variable to 1 or 0.
    ex.: variable_set('masquerade_float_block_visible', 1) - enable Masquerade block
    in settings.php:
    $cong['masquerade_float_block_visible'] = 0 - disable Masquerade block

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