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Managing News is a robust news and data aggregation engine with pluggable visualization and workflow tools.

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  • Aggregate RSS/Atom news
  • Show news as list or on a map
  • Search news
  • Republish news by bundling articles into channels
  • Configurable location tagging
  • Configurable maps

The Knight Foundation helped fund key module development to improve Drupal's mapping and aggregation tools.

User interface improvements

  • Multilinguality - MN is translatable right now, but does not support RTL languages for the interface.
  • Usability fine tuning: improve workflows, simplify tasks, clarify functionality.
  • Further improve moderation UI, allow removing of news items.
  • Fix 'time horizon' - right now situations with very high frequency feeds and very low frequency feeds at the same time aren't handled very well - #661314: "Sync" or "cache" mode?
  • Further simplify customization of geotagging/mapping feature including optionally shutting it off entirely. This improvement should make it easier to adjust the geotagging/mapping to different geographical areas.

Performance improvements

  • PubsubHubbub is experimental. Go to admin/build/feeds, edit the syndication importer and enable 'PubSubHubbub' under the fetcher settings.

Interoperability improvements

  • Improve tagging by supporting synonyms and pluggable tagging (placemaker, autotagger).


  • Functional tests
  • Upgrade to Drupal 7.
  • Better separation of functionalities, separate mapping stack better, separate listing stack better. Goal: reuse mapping outside of MN, allow other content types than RSS/Atom.

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