Maestro for Drupal 7 visual task editor

The Maestro module is a workflow engine/solution that will facilitate simple and complex business process automation.

Maestro has a workflow engine that executes templates created using a visual workflow editor. The workflow engine runs in the backgound and executes the workflow tasks, testing the tasks execution results and branch the workflow if required. The workflow engine will run every x seconds and execute all tasks that are in the queue which have not yet completed. Once they execute and return a success status, the engine will archive them and step the workflow forward. Both these components have been developed to support any number of different task types.

Maestro has been built to be extended with new task types and now contains tasks that are aware of webforms, entityforms, content types, rules, triggers. Custom interactive functions and batch functions can be added for custom business logic or integration.

Video overviews

  • Maestro for Drupal 8 overview - video link
  • Maestro being used for a document publish workflow with an editor and publisher review phase. Shows the visual workflow editor and task console components - video link
  • Overview with a focus on how to use the visual workflow editor to create workflow templates - video link

Training and Assistance:

  • Nextide is now offering Web-based training and consulting to assist you in evaluated maestro for a project or to assist in the development of custom actions and workflows.


  • This module was sponsored by Nextide.
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