Locker module
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Locker is a site authentication module using session to forbid access and hide website. One is required to login to gain access to the website. Locker is not a replacement for Drupal authentication but it serves as an additional layer to hide your Drupal site from public. Locker is an alternative to HTTP Auth standard and recommended to be used in case your server doesn’t support HTTP Auth or you don’t have permission to set it up or you want additional features that Locker module provides.

WARNING - files will be still accessible via direct links!

Use cases

  • White label development
  • Verify site after update as anonymous user - is cache working correctly?
  • Replacement for maintenance mode
  • Alternative to HTTP Auth
  • Hide site from Google Analytics


  • Extract Locker module to your sites/all/modules directory
  • Enable the Locker module in admin/modules

Re-Installation / update, for now:

  • Disable and uninstall module then install new version and enable

Using Locker

  1. Access locker in admin/config/development/locker
  2. Lock your Drupal site:
    • Choose radio button "Yes"
    • Choose login option
    • Click "Submit" to lock your drupal site
    • WARNING: This will lock your Drupal site immediately! Use your credentials to gain access. If you forget you credentials you need to use drush unlock.

  3. Unlock your Drupal site:
    • Choose radio button "No"
    • Click "Submit" to unlock your drupal site

Drush commands (D7 only)

  1. drush lock u username password - to use username and password OR
  2. drush lock passphrase
  3. drush unlock

Websolutions Agency can be contacted for paid customisation and setup of this module.

Supporting organizations: 
sponsored and developed original version of the module

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