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LinkImageField is a CCK module that allows you to specify the hyperlink for images with a custom URL. The CCK ImageField allows links from the image to the node or to the image itself, but not to a user supplied link.


  • Upload Image
  • Title for the Image
  • Alternative Text for the Image
  • URL to hyperlink the image

Example Use:

Your site supplies a product image and description, but you want the image to link off-site to an affiliated web store.


Co-Maintained by John Young
Helped in 5.x Development: Harini

6.x release

The 6.x release acts pretty much like a 6.x CCK ImageField, except that it provides a field for the URL. Please read the README for more installation and usage instructions. The current 6.x-1.0-alpha1 release is stable (as far as I know), but really needs testing before I'd consider it final. The 6.x version also adds support for imagecache formatting.

Requires the following modules:


Imagecache Module.

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