Screenshot of a Linked Field configuration

Linked Field allows you to link fields in the field formatter settings. E.g. you have a content type teaser with an image and a link field and you want to link the image to the entered link.

You can either select a field for used for destination or simply enter a token you need (Token support) + HTML attributes for the generated link as well.

Drupal 8

Optional dependencies

  • Token - Gives you access to the token browser
  • YAML Editor - Loads an Ace editor which makes YAML editing more fun

Drupal 7

Please note: When using Link fields you need to install the Entity tokens module so that you can access the link title and URL.
When you are searching for Field Collection tokens you should also install the Entity tokens module.

When you have problems with your tokens or want to access a link field url try the Entity tokens module and use the tokens with the dash instead of the underscore ([node:field-image] instead of [node:field_image]).



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