Provides Beautiful Animated Marker Clustering functionality for Leaflet using the Leaflet MarkerCluster library.

Installation and configuration

First install the Leaflet module 7.x-1.3 or later and Leaflet JS library v0.7.x or 1.0.x, following the Leaflet README.
Then download the MarkerCluster library from
The core part of the zip file is a directory named dist. Make sure this directory ends up in sites/all/libraries/leaflet_markercluster, so that the path to the essential javascript file becomes sites/all/libraries/leaflet_markercluster/dist/leaflet.markercluster.js
IMPORTANT: if you wish to use Leaflet JS 1.0.0-beta, then for now replace the aforementioned leaflet.markercluster.js by this file, using the original name, leaflet.markercluster.js

Enable the module. All Leaflet maps will now be using clustering out of the box.

If not, visit the Status Report page, admin/reports/status, for error messages.

This module does not itself have a UI to set MarkerCluster configuration parameters. However parameters may be set through javascript, Drupal code or other modules, e.g., IP Geolocation Views & Maps. Consult the README for details.


This module has been sponsored by Marzee Labs.

Supporting organizations: 
ongoing maintenance
Initial development and Drupal 8 version

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