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Language Switcher for Drupal 7 is an enhancement for core language switcher block in local module. It's very useful for websites with multi-languages where you want to display content in different languages side-by-side. Watch this video to better understand the concept.


Divide your website page to a number of sections where each sections contains nodes in one language (see the screenshot).


  • When #1164926: Nodes need to have languages specified separately for accessibility lands into D7 core, the code base for this module will be much simpler, and cleaner.
  • Currently with core locale module, there is two language switcher blocks, one for interface, and the other for the content. This module should only alter the content one, not the interface one. Currently, it alters the interface block!

How to?

  1. Enable Locale and Content Translation modules.
  2. Add other languages, e.g. Arabic, French (admin/config/regional/language).
  3. Go to Language Switcher config page (admin/config/regional/language/language_switcher), select what mode you want to use.
  4. Go the content type you want the translation to be enabled on, select `Enable, with node translation` (e.g. admin/structure/types/manage/article).
  5. Add nodes, add translations.
  6. From blocks page select Language Switcher block and put it in sidebar for example.
  7. Go back to the home page, the language switcher block now is clickable not just links, you should see nodes flying over there if you selected multi mode, go try it!


Language Switcher is now working on listing page, like homepage, I want to make it working with node's view, so when you click on a node, you get the node in all languages available, just like homepage but for node's view.


Locale core module.

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