Adds an extra "Cookie" field to the Language Negotiation settings, allowing the language to be set according to a cookie.

The cookie name, domain & expiration are configurable in the settings page.


  • Enable the module and go to: Administration » Configuration » Regional and language » Languages
  • Enable the "Cookie" detection method and re-arrange the detection methods as you see fit. The recommended arrangement is: "URL -> Cookie".
  • If you a language selection splash screen is needed, the Language Selection Page module is recommended. In this case, the recommended setup is: "URL -> Cookie -> Language Selection Page".
  • For the cookie to be set properly on cached pages, the variable page_cache_invoke_hooks has to be set to TRUE. This can be done by adding the following line to your settings.php file: $conf['page_cache_invoke_hooks'] = TRUE;

Major versions

Versions 1.x of this module requires prefix/domain based interface language detection, whereas version 2.x will attempt to get the language from any interface language provider with a lower weight than the Cookie language type. For instance, arrangements such as "Session -> Cookie" should also work now.

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